Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Garam Masala girl Daisy Bopanna – a mixture of passion, sexy postures and of course world class love making with smooches!!!

Another bonmbshell from the Gram Masala trio is making a lot of sexy noise. She is Garam Masala girl Daisy Bopanna. A mixture of innocent passion, sexy postures, willingness to learn love making on the stage – all makes her just incredible. She says her best moments was kissing John – yes the shy John!

Rani Mukherjee getting married to NRI expatriate tycoon???

All bogus says people close to Rani. The romor world and gossip zonnes are saying she is getting married to an NRI tycoon from London.
She will not follow the footsteps of Madhuri Dixit says some experts who watch Rani, her movies and her career. While she is eager to have real boyfriend, it is far fetched rumor that she is getiing married to London tycoon of Indian origin!

Is Shamita Shetty lesbian????

Like Shilpa she is single and does not to easily mingle. She admits she's single and would be ready to mingle if someone suitable comes along. But what is amazing is that sometimes back in the blogger zones, people did predict, she is not interested in men specially sexy ones. The biggest question the gossip zone poses – why is she so eager to avoid men given the fact that too many men are ready to fall for her!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Salman in the same bed with Meghna Naidu and Rakhi Sawant!!!!!

Someone is reading the mood of the Bollywood fans. As the two sex bomshells of Bollywood excited the fans with a fantasy story of sharing the same bath tub, the rumor world is active with the news break of a movie secretly planned of having Meghna Naidu and Rakhi Sawant on the same bed with Salman. It is a love triangle in which Salman finally makes both of them share the same bed!
Hottest gals are also the wildest - Meghna Naidu and Rakhi Sawant say they fantasize about getting in a tub with the man they desire.

Jessica Alba caught off guard in the beach!!!

She was alone and the some spy photographers were photographing her on the beach in incredible positions. Jessica Alba looks great though no matter when and who takes her photograph

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sexy Katie Lohman getting wet and almost nude while washing a car!!!

She is sexy and hot. But when she gets wet and hand starts falling off she gets even sexier! That’s Katie Lohman!
Born in Scottsdale, Arizona, Katie Lohmann has always felt at home in the heat. After finishing high school, she was discovered by Playboy magazine, and was featured as their Playmate of the Month in April of 2001. The same athleticism and natural beauty that made Katie a perfect fit for Playboy landed her gigs for a variety of fitness and entertainment magazines, calendars and catalogs

Neha’s body most desirable among Pakistanis!!!!!!!

It was Madhuri Dixit before. Now it is sexy Neha Dhupia. Pakistani men are nuts over her.
Neha reportedly has been paid a whopping sum for featuring in a pakistani film.
Just last week the song was shot in Mumbai and Neha is all elated about her experience of working with a Pakistani film crew. There’s isn’t much difference between shooting for an Indian and a Pakistani film reveals the actress

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sorry, I can't Kiss: Ayesha Takia!!

Mallika Sherawat's success story may have inspired hordes of other starlets but Ayesha Takia is definitely not one of them.

Known for her great energy level and oodles of sensuality, Takia girl gets the cold feet as soon as it comes to kissing onscreen. It was also the innocuous kiss, which paved way for her departure from prestigious Yash Raj camp.

When told to lock lips with Uday Chopra in 'Neil and Niki', Ayesha opted to walk out than to meet the ‘script’s demand’.

“I’m am not comfortable kissing onscreen and if I’m not happy doing what I am doing, my discomfiture will show onscreen. And I think people will respect me for backing out of the project rather than commit to it, and then make a fuss later,” she reveals.

But Yash Chopra's loss was David Dhawan's gain, who hurriedly signed her for his another film.

The little birdie also tells us that her decision of not to kiss on screen has something to do with his new found love, the charge she vehemently denies.

"Yes I'm in love but it has nothing to do with my decision," she tells.

“He is the most special person in my life and makes me feel so happy. But I don’t want it to be a public affair."

Though Ayesha doesn't give out any name of that special person but we can tell you that she can be spotted with restaurateur Farhan Azmi these days.

Oops, did we leak some hush-hush info Ms Takia?

Will SRK ever forgive Rangita?

It seems the Inner and Outer world of Shah Rukh Khan are completely two different arenas, which can't be fathomed in one DVD alone.

Known for his humility and generosity SRK is apple of entire Bollywood clan but if someone hurts his family, it's very hard even for a man like him to forgive and forget so easily.

Perhaps that’s the lesson he taught to Rangita Nandy, daughter of Pritish Nandy, who misbehaved with Gauri and Karan Johar at the screening of Shabd.

The two came face-to-face on a recent Indian Airlines Goa-Mumbai flight and SRK completely snubbed Pritish's little princess. However, both Shah Rukh and Gauri were very polite to Nandy senior during the entire flight.

So if you think SRK will ever forgive Rangita for her indecent behaviour... Forget it!

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Am real sexy and seductive under by Bikini : Ria Sen

Sexy Ria Sen cannot wait to boast herself under the Swimsuit.
The sex bombshell and queen of seduction Ria Sen is proud of her in and under a tight Bikini. She says ” For the first time in my life I have worn a swimsuit in any film and when I looked at my body after that I felt really happy. I realized how sexy and glamorous I look in a swimsuit. Although I am sexy otherwise too, I look far hotter in a bikini. I play a glamorous and sexy girl in Shaadi No.1 and that certainly matches my profile.”

Karisma Kapoor and Amisha Patel never see eye to eye in movies!!

They do not get along but they work together ignoring each other. What will happen if they ever have to work as lesbian partners one day! I won’t say Karisma, I will somehow do it says Amisha!
Amisha Patel claims she had no problems working with Karisma Kapoor in Mere Jeevan Sathi despite her strained relations with Kareena. She's a true professional, insists Amisha. But experts know they never look at each other – they avoid each other all the time.........

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Sunday, September 25, 2005


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